On September 12 this year, you will see a full moon.It is the Mid¨CAutumn Festival.The festival is on¡ª¡ªÇàÏĽÌÓý¾«Ó¢¼Ò½ÌÍø¡ª¡ª (2023)

On September 12 this year, you will see a full moon(ÂúÔÂ).It is the Mid¨CAutumn Festival(ÖÐÇï½Ú).The festival is on the 15thday of the eighth lunar(Å©Àú) month. And it is one of the most important festivals in China. It is a big time for families and friends to get together. In the evening, people sit around a table and look at the bright moon. They eat sweet or salty moon cakes(Ô±ý).People can see a lot of lanterns(µÆÁý) in the street. Children like guessing(²Â) the answers to the lantern riddles(µÆÃÕ). The Mid¨CAutumn Festival is also a harvest(ÊÕ»ñ) festival. Farmers begin to harvest fruits and vegetable.
Name of the festival
The ¡¾Ð¡Ìâ1¡¿Festival
Date of the festival
The 15th day of¡¾Ð¡Ìâ2¡¿month
What to eat
Sweet or salty ¡¾Ð¡Ìâ3¡¿
What children like doing
Guessing ¡¾Ð¡Ìâ4¡¿to the lantern riddles
What farmers harvest

A. they think they should have done B. you have done nothing
C. people try and tell you they are not so bad D. someone just said to me
E. it¡¯s a time to remember the things

Birthdays are strange things. The more you have, the more you try and pretend they don¡¯t matter, and the more


. I¡¯m not really sure why they think so. It¡¯s true that you are getting older, but as


, ¡°Who isn¡¯t getting older every day?¡± The problem may be that a birthday reminds people of all the things


, but have not. I certainly understand that feeling, though I think


that I most want to do ¡ª a kind of personal re-ordering (ÖØÐÂÅÅÐò) of the to-do list. What makes you depressed(ÓôÃÆ) on your birthday is that you realize your re-ordered to-do list is exactly the same as it was last year. That makes you feel


, and not been anywhere. I have not had that experience this year. I look back at where I was last year and find things have changed since then.


fall happy excited noise well sad listen make healthy easy

Many things around us affect our feelings or moods. Here is a report about this. Wu Dong lives in a big city. It¡¯s very ¡¾Ð¡Ìâ1¡¿______. Sometimes it¡¯s hard for him to ¡¾Ð¡Ìâ2¡¿_______ asleep. He gets bored ¡¾Ð¡Ìâ3¡¿_____. Kang Hua doesn¡¯t like rainy days. When it rains, she often feels¡¾Ð¡Ìâ4¡¿_____. When it¡¯s fine, she feels ¡¾Ð¡Ìâ5¡¿______ again. Wang Ming likes ¡¾Ð¡Ìâ6¡¿_______ to music. Rock music can make him feel ¡¾Ð¡Ìâ7¡¿.______. Soft music can make him feel quiet and calm. Li Nan likes wearing red clothes. It can ¡¾Ð¡Ìâ8¡¿_______ her happy and active .
If we can¡¯t get along ¡¾Ð¡Ìâ9¡¿______ with our friends, we may feel upset and unhappy. If we are always in a bad mood, it will be bad for our health. We may become ¡¾Ð¡Ìâ10¡¿_____ if we are in a good mood.


Phone, drive, thank, no ,unhappy, , on ,some, when, come back, mountain, quick, happy

It was Mother¡¯s Day, Nancy was 800 miles away from her parents, so she was a little


, In the morning she


her mother to wish her a happy Mother¡¯s Day, and her mother told her about the beautiful flowers in the garden. Later that day,


she told her husband about the flowers, he said, ¡° I know where we can find all that you want. Get our children Peter and Lily, and come on.¡± So they went,


down the country roads.
There on a


, they saw a lot of beautiful purple flowers. Nancy ran


to enjoy the flowers. Carefully, she picked a few here and a few there. And on their way home, there was a big smile


her face.
When they were passing a nursing home, she saw an old granny sitting in a chair. The granny had


children with her. They stopped the car and Nancy walked to the old woman, put the flowers in her hands, and smiled at her. The old granny


her again and again. She smiled happily, too.
When Nancy


to her car, her children asked her, ¡° Who is that old granny? Why did you give our flowers to her?¡±
¡° I don¡¯t know her.¡± Nancy said, ¡° But it¡¯s Mother¡¯s Day, and she is alone. But I have both of you, and I still have my mother. Just think how much those flowers meant to her.

Çé¾°½»¼Ê£¨±¾Ìâ¹²5СÌ⣻ÿСÌâ2·Ö£¬Âú·Ö10·Ö£©A: Hello! (51) ___________ Who¡¯s that?B: Hi, Tony. This is Daming¡¯s friend, Sam. (52) ______A: (53)______ please. Sorry, he isn¡¯t here right now. Can I take a message?B: Yes. He told me to meet Sally at the airport, but I don¡¯t know when she¡¯ll arrive.A: (54) ______ what¡¯s your telephone number?B: My telephone number is 5160332.A: OK. I¡¯ll tell him to call you back when he comes back.B: (55) ____________Bye!A: It¡¯s my pleasure. Bye!

A. May I speak to Daming?
B. What should I do?
C. By the way,
D. This is Tony speaking.
E. What¡¯s wrong with you?
F. Thank you very much.
G. Hold the line,


use happy healthy fun exercise fly hard swim listen many

The summer vacation is over. It¡¯s true that time always


fast. During the vacation, the weather was hot and I could not do much work, but I lived


As the afternoon was hot. I did my work in the morning. I


to get up at 6:30 and take a walk in the garden for half an hour. After breakfast, I began reading English and Chinese and did some


in math, It took me three hours or


. I worked quite


and made good progress.
I spent the afternoon outside. I went to swim and it was


. I would not go home until it was about five or six o¡¯clock. Sometimes a friend of mine would come to see me and we would spend some hours


to music.
In this way I spent my vacation slowly. And I not only studied well but also became a good


. now I am in good


and high spirits.

( Eric came back home from school on Friday evening. )Eric:Hi, Dad! I'm back.Dad:Hmm, Eric ! How was your study this week?Eric:Pretty goo D. And I have good news to tell you. Do you want to know?Dad:Of course. ¡¾Ð¡Ìâ1¡¿______________________ ?Eric:I won first prize in the English speech contest.Dad:Well done. ¡¾Ð¡Ìâ2¡¿your science? Any progress?Eric:Yes, Dad! At least I tried my best and learned a lot from my mistakes.Dad:Good! I' m sure that you can catch up with your classmates very soon.Eric:Thank you, Dad! I've been busy these days and 1 feel tired. Shall we ¡¾Ð¡Ìâ3¡¿______ tomorrow?Dad:A picnic? Why not? We all need to relax ourselves.Erie:Great! ¡¾Ð¡Ìâ4¡¿? And what time?Dad:Let's go to Central Park at 8:00 in the morning.Eric:¡¾Ð¡Ìâ5¡¿?Dad:The radio says it' s a fine day. Finish your homework first and we can help mum do something for the picnic,Eric :That' s wonderful, Dad.
²¹È«¶Ô»°£¨5·Ö£©¸ù¾ÝÏÂÃæµÄ¶Ô»°Çé¾°£¬ÔÚÿ¸ö¿Õ°×´¦ÌîÉÏÒ»¸öÊʵ±µÄ¾ä×Ó£¬Ê¹¶Ô»°ÒâÒåÁ¬¹á£¬ÍêÕû¡£(Michael and Kangkang meet at the school gate.)A: Hello, Kangkang. B: Hi, Michael.A: I called you just before I left home ,but you were not in. ¡¾Ð¡Ìâ1¡¿__________________________B: Oh, sorry. I¡¯ve been to the library. A: What did you go there for?B: ¡¾Ð¡Ìâ2¡¿__________________________________________________________A: Well,¡¾Ð¡Ìâ3¡¿_____________________________________________________B: It¡¯s about 1.3 billion, one fifth of the world¡¯s. A: Has the government done anything to control the huge population yet?B: Yes.¡¾Ð¡Ìâ4¡¿_________________________________________________and it has worked well in controlling the population growth for many years. A: Really? However, the population problem is still serious in China, isn¡¯t it?B: Yes, it is. Oh!¡¾Ð¡Ìâ5¡¿_________________________________________Let¡¯s go to the classroom. Hurry. Let¡¯s go.A.A. What¡¯s the population of China?B.B. Where have you been?C.C.What¡¯s wrong?D.D. The government has carries out the one-child policy.E.E. There goes the bell.F.F. I went there to look up some information about China¡¯s population. G.G.I borrowed some story books.
¸ù¾Ý¶Ô»°ÄÚÈÝ£¬´Ó¶Ô»°ºó·½¿òµÄÑ¡ÏîÖÐÑ¡³öÄÜÌîÈë¿Õ°×´¦µÄ×î¼ÑÑ¡Ïʹ¶Ô»°Òâ˼ÍêÕû£¬²¢½«´ð°¸Ð´ÔÚ´ðÌâÖ½ÏàӦλÖá£Ñ¡ÏîÖÐÓÐÁ½ÏîΪ¶àÓàÑ¡Ïî¡£²¹È«¶Ô»°Ling ling: I¡¯m going to England as an exchange student. Mary: Great!Ling ling: But I don¡¯t know much of the customs and manners in England.__36____Mary: Sure. Ling ling:________37__________Mary: Well, they think it¡¯s important to be on time when you¡¯re invited to dinner. _____38___ .As it is usually planned to have the meal at the exact hour given in the invitation. Ling ling: Then how long may I stay there?Mary :___39_ .Or you seem to have come only for the meal .An evening dinner invitation usually implied (°µÊ¾)that ___40__. The hostess often plans some after¡ªdinner entertainment .

A. you stay for the whole evening
B. Could you help me?
C. After the meal is over, it¡¯s not polite to leave at least half an hour.
D. It¡¯s impolite to arrive late.
E. What rules do they have in England?
F. What¡¯s the matter with you ?
G. What are they supposed to do ?

A£ºAre you going to the school party?B£ºYes, I am. 69A£ºYou can¡¯t do that!B£º 70A£ºIf you wear your jeans to the party, the teachers won¡¯t let you in.B£ºOK, then let¡¯s take some snacks.A£º 71B£ºReally? Why?A£º 72B£ºOh, I see. 73A£ºYes, of course . If we don¡¯t have our ID cards, we can¡¯t go to the party.

The teachers will take them away if we do that.
Do we have to bring our ID cards?
What will happen if I do?
No, we can¡¯t do that, either.
Are you free tonight?
I am going to wear my new jeans!
What¡¯s your plan?

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