Our Providers - Harbour Women's Health (2022)

Meet Our Providers

Our team of providers currently consists of eight physicians, two nurse practitioners and an ultrasonographer. We all share one common goal: to provide you with high-quality care you can trust in a comfortable, non-judgmental environment.

All of our physicians are board certified and residency trained in obstetrics and gynecology; both of our nurse practitioners are also board certified.

Our physicians provide obstetric and gynecologic services through Portsmouth Regional Hospital as well as the Ambulatory Surgery Center.

Our providers are motivated in enhancing traditional medical care with alternative, holistic approaches and strive to meet each patient’s individual needs with the outmost respect and support.

  • Obstetrics
  • Gynecology
  • Urogynecology


Emily Amarosa, MD

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Our Providers - Harbour Women's Health (1)Dr. Emily Amarosa joined Harbour Women’s Health in 2014 and is passionate about being part of important moments in women’s lives. From a young woman’s first-time visit through childbirth and menopause, Dr. Amarosa enjoys providing a lifetime of care.

Dr. Amarosa completed her undergraduate degree at the University of New Hampshire and her medical schooling at Harvard Medical School. She completed her internship and residency in OB/Gyn at the University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle.

It was during her residency that Dr. Amarosa’s love of obstetrics and gynecology was cemented. From more challenging and serious patient conditions to the joy and bliss of watching parents meet their newborn baby for the first time, the pace and humanness of the field appealed to her and fueled her passion as a medical provider. Dr. Amarosa has a particular interest in abnormal pap smears, care of women with heavy or abnormal bleeding and in minimally invasive surgical techniques.

Dr. Amarosa lives with her husband, two children and cat. She and her family enjoy four-season hiking, good coffee and picnic breakfasts at the beach. She also enjoys snowshoeing, reading, cooking and entertaining.

Saroj Fleming, MD

Our Providers - Harbour Women's Health (2)Dr. Saroj Fleming is one of Harbour Women’s Health’s newest physicians and joined the practice in early 2016. Dr. Fleming completed her undergraduate degree at Wellesley College and her medical schooling at Washington University in St. Louis, MO. She completed her residency at the University of Maryland in Baltimore. She is originally from New York City.

As a young girl, Dr. Fleming started dreaming about becoming a doctor. During her undergraduate career, she committed to study obstetrics and gynecology and began her journey to providing passionate care to women of all ages, including the honor and privilege of pregnancy care. During her time at Greater Lawrence Family Health Center in Lawrence, MA, Dr. Fleming welcomed the opportunity to provide family-centric care for a full spectrum of OB/GYN services. In joining Harbour Women’s Health, Dr. Fleming is most excited to provide care to those in her own community, both through the practice and our community involvement.

As a Portsmouth resident, Dr. Fleming enjoys all that the seacoast has to offer with her husband and two son’s. When not walking or bicycling downtown, she can be found tending her growing vegetable garden, on the beach, in the mountains, at Strawbery Banke or enjoying the children’s programming at the Portsmouth Library.

Heidi Keup, MD

Our Providers - Harbour Women's Health (3)Dr. Heidi Keup joined Harbour Women’s Health in 2012. She completed her undergraduate degree at Columbia University in New York, graduated from Dartmouth Medical School in Hanover, NH, and completed her residency training at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. She is a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society and while at Dartmouth, was an Albert Schweitzer Fellow. Dr. Keup is board certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology and is a Fellow of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Dr. Keup enjoys providing healthcare to women throughout all stages of their lives, including caring for them during pregnancy and child birth. She is enthusiastic about helping her patients understand all options available to them when making medical decisions. If surgery is required, Dr. Keup is experienced in both minimally invasive and conventional gynecologic surgery.

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Dr. Keup grew up in Alexandria, Virginia and Grantham, NH. She loves living on the seacoast with her husband, two daughters, and beagle. Dr. Keup enjoys running, hiking, snowshoeing and listening to audio books.

Caroline Scoones, MD

Our Providers - Harbour Women's Health (4)Dr. Caroline Scoones joined Harbour Women’s Health in 2012. Dr. Scoones completed her undergraduate degree, as well as her medical schooling, at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. It was during her time in medical school that Dr. Scoones says she “fell in love” with the obstetrics and gynecology specialty and, in particular, being able to care for women through all stages of their lives. Dr. Scoones’ specific areas of interest include delivering babies, performing minimally invasive surgery and a special interest in providing care for adolescent girls. Dr. Scoones is a member of ACOG (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) and AAGL (American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists). Dr. Scoones grew up in New York City and spent time in England as a teenager. Dr. Scoones and her husband, who is also a physician, reside in Portsmouth with their two children. In her spare time, Dr. Scoones enjoys kayaking, skiing and hiking.

Elizabeth Treviño, MD

Our Providers - Harbour Women's Health (5)

Dr. Elizabeth Harvey Treviño completed her undergraduate degree at Harvard University in Cambridge, MA, graduated from the University of Kentucky College of Medicine in Lexington, KY, and completed her residency training at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon, NH. She enjoys the full scope of practice in Obstetrics and Gynecology, from contraceptive counseling, to labor and delivery, to annual exams, to gynecologic surgery, and everything in between.
Dr. Treviño is passionate about being involved within the community. She has seen firsthand the reward and satisfaction that comes with taking care of members of her community. Dr. Treviño was drawn to women’s health during residency because it allowed her to connect with community and it gave her a platform to care for women at all stages of their lives. She strives to make every patient feel heard, as they work toward their health-related goals together.

Elizabeth Spellman, MD

Our Providers - Harbour Women's Health (6)

Dr. Elizabeth Spellman joined Harbour Women’s Health in 2022. Dr. Spellman earned her undergraduate degree from Boston University. Shortly after graduating she joined the Peace Corps where she served in Zambia for three years. She worked in a rural health clinic conducting public health outreach for HIV/AIDs, clean water, and women’s health. Her time within the Peace Corps showed how impactful clinical medicine can be for patients worldwide, she fell in love with helping others.

Dr. Spellman completed the Tufts University Pre-Medical Post-Baccalaureate Medical Program after completing her commitment within the Peace Corps. In true “Spellman” fashion, she wanted to give a little more prior to attending medical school. She worked at March of Dimes organization where she was able to support the health of moms and babies.

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Dr. Spellman completed medical school at Tufts University. During her time at Tufts, she had the opportunity to deliver her first baby, she describes this as a “seal the deal” moment. “Being able to help mothers bring their babies into the world to resolving complex health problems, OB/GYN is the perfect specialty”, describes Dr. Spellman. Dr. Spellman completed her Obstetrics and Gynecology residency at Maine Medical. While in residency she gained extensive surgical and obstetrical training. Dr.Spellman’s patient care focus includes health promotion for women of all ages, and she strives to empower women to make healthy choices for themselves, their bodies, and the future.

Dr. Spellman and her husband reside on the seacoast with their son, and two dogs. She enjoys the beaches and going on adventures with her family.


Wendy McLaughlin, MD

Our Providers - Harbour Women's Health (7)Dr. Wendy McLaughlin joined Harbour Women’s Health in 2019 after providing quality health care to patients at a successful group practice for 20 years and then her own individual practice for 10 years. She is dedicated to the health of her patients and is passionate about providing undivided attention to her patients’ needs.

Dr. McLaughlin earned her undergraduate degree from the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA and her medical schooling at Boston University School of Medicine. She completed her internship and residency at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston, MA.

Sonja Nelson, MD

Our Providers - Harbour Women's Health (8)

Dr. Nelson has been practicing OB/GYN for over twenty-five years and has spent time fostering relationships with her patients, and colleagues. After delivering over 2000 babies throughout her career Dr. Nelson has chosen to step back from obstetrics and focus solely on gynecology. Her connection with patients during the OB journey is something that Dr. Nelson will forever cherish. As of August 1st, Dr. Nelson will now focus on supporting women during critical transitions from adolescence through menopause, offering education, compassion and support.

Dr. Nelson will be seeing patients full time Tuesday – Friday. She has a goal of becoming a certified North American Menopause Society (NAMS) provider to be able to best assist her patients while they are transitioning through menopause. Dr. Nelson will continue to have surgical privileges at Portsmouth Regional Hospital performing minimally invasive surgeries such as total laparoscopic hysterectomies, vaginal hysterectomies, tubal ligation, ovarian surgery and hysteroscopies.

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At Harbour Women’s Health we always foster and celebrate career changes. Finding your passion throughout all stages of your career helps us attain a higher level of satisfaction. Please help us congratulate Dr. Nelson on her newest endeavor!


Deeptha N. Sastry, MD

Our Providers - Harbour Women's Health (9)Dr. Deeptha N. Sastry is a specialist in Urogynecology at Harbour Women’s Health. Dr. Sastry completed her training in Obstetrics and Gynecology and then went on to complete a three-year fellowship in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery at the University of Medicine & Dentistry – Robert Wood Johnson, (UMDNJ-RWJ) Cooper University Hospital in Camden, New Jersey. She is the only fellowship-trained, double-board certified Urogynecologist in the seacoast.

Dr. Sastry trained in the field of Urogynecology to be able to treat disorders, such as urinary incontinence, overactive bladder and pelvic prolapse. Many women find these issues are embarrassing and a hindrance to their quality of life, but now with advancements in technology, non operative and surgical solutions are now available! Being a woman, Dr. Sastry understands the issues that can arise with these afflictions; from helping life-long runners hit the road again, to reassuring patients that their conditions are not only treatable but quite common. Dr. Sastry offers a compassionate, understanding and highly-integrative approach to empowering and healing women.

Dr. Sastry completed her undergraduate degree at Boston University and continued her medical training at St. George’s University School of Medicine. She is a member of the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the American Urogynecologic Society and earned distinction for her clinical research in Urogynecology from Cooper University Hospital. With a special interest in female reproductive health, she joined the International Healthcare Volunteers (IHCV) in a 2005 mission to Ghana, West Africa, where she performed surgeries, routine gynecological care and a variety of Urogynecological treatments for the women of Ghana.

Dr. Sastry has been published in the International Urogynecology Journal and The Journal of Pelvic Medicine and Surgery, among others. Her publications include research and writing on Interstitial Cystitis/Painful Bladder Syndrome, Female Dyspareunia and on topics relating to female pelvic reconstructive surgery.

Dr. Sastry enjoys spending time with her family, travelling and reading in her spare time.

Trish Yauch, MSN, WHNP-BC

Our Providers - Harbour Women's Health (10)Trish has been a part of the Harbour Women’s Health team since 2002. She is Nationally Board Certified as a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner, and has been in practice since 1993. She initially obtained a degree in psychology from the College of the Holy Cross in 1998, and went on to obtain her master’s in nursing and became a Women’s Health Care Nurse Practitioner in 1993 through the MGH Institute of Health Professions in Boston.

Her care focuses on the importance of encouraging her patients to find ways each day to practice self-care and in doing so, to feel empowered to take important steps in reaching their healthiest goals. Trish has special interests in vaginal and vulvar disorders and pain syndromes as well as in the area of urogynecology. She works closely with Dr. Sastry and other specialists in these areas of female health care. Trish also loves working with our adolescent population.

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While living in New Jersey, she coordinated the women’s health services at the Montclair State University’s Health and Wellness Center, and opened a student based health center at a public high school in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Trish enjoys spending her free time with her husband and three busy children – hiking, traveling or doing anything outdoors. She loves to garden, cook, practice yoga and in her spare time enjoys anything creative, most especially rug hooking, which she learned from her Nana


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