S.t.f.p.h.c. Family Planning Clinic - Kingsville, Kingsville Family Planning Agency (2022)

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  • S.T.F.P.H.C. Family Planning Clinic - Kingsville
  • 1218 N. Armstrong Ave
  • Kingsville TX, 78363
  • Contact Phone:(361) 595-1929
  • Clinic Details:A non-profit agency delivering WOMEN's and MEN's health reproductive and primary health care services throughout 19 counties in South Texas including the Coastal Bend.
  • Website:http://www.stfphc.org/
  • Services:Birth Control Methods; Health Screenings; Pap Smears / HPV Testing; Breast Exam-Mammogram-Well Health Exam; STD Testing; Immunizations; UTI/Sore Throat Testing & Treatment; Preventative Primary Health Care; Pharmacy Services; Sports Physicals, etc
  • Remarks:Rural Area, Permanent Clinic, Year-Round, Full-Time (open 41 hours per week)
  • Operation Hours:Mon, Tues, Thurs: 9:00am-6:30pm; Wed: 8:00am-1:00pm, 2:00pm-7:00pm; Fri: 9:00am-12:00pm

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  • Hope Family Health Center

    • Location: Mcallen, TX - 78503
    • Contact Phone: (956) 994-3319
    • Details: Hope Family Health Center provides quality integrated medical and counseling services including preventative care and education to medically indigent individuals and families living in the Rio Grande Valley. Our services aim to strengthen families and build community.
  • Eidson Road Clinic

    • Location: Eagle Pass, TX - 78852
    • Contact Phone: (830) 757-6946
    • Details: We recognize that all individuals deserve and have the right to be treated with respect, dignity, sensitivity and compassion. Therefore, we are committed to the following values: Our patients/clients always come first since they are the reasons we exist. We work as a team to ensure high quality performance from all employees. We work and serve the community to the best of our ability. We earn the respect and trust of those we serve.
  • Communitycare - East Austin Health Center

    • Location: Austin, TX - 78702
    • Contact Phone: (512) 978-9200
    • Details: The providers and team members at CommUnityCare Health Centers are committed to providing quality care in a friendly, caring and efficient environment. We believe all patients have a right to have their cultural, psychological, spiritual, and personal values, beliefs and preferences respected. We are committed to service excellence. This means all staff receives customer service training and patient satisfaction is measured on an ongoing basis. Our Core Values are: Respect, Integrity, Dependability, Teamwork and Quality.
  • Good Neighbor Healthcare Center

    • Location: Houston, TX - 77007
    • Contact Phone: (713) 529-3597
    • Details: Good Neighbor Healthcare Center, a non-profit United Way health care agency, is proud of its long tradition of providing services in a caring environment where fees are charged on a sliding scale according to income. The clinic offers care in the following areas: pediatrics, adult care, women’s care, dentistry, and behavioral health. Breast cancer education and screening services are available, as are lab services and nutritional counseling. Partners in care include: the University of Houston College of Optometry Clinic, the Menninger Clinic, and our local Walgreens Pharmarcy. In 2005, Good Neighbor became a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC). FQHCs serve low income and medically underserved communities, and fees are based on the patient’s ability to pay. They are staffed by highly competent health care professional teams who provide quality healthcare to all people regardless of insurance status or income level. FQHCs are also community controlled by voluntary Boards of Directors. The majority of each Board must be users of the clinic.
    • Location: Dallas, TX - 75229
    • Contact Phone: (214) 358-8705
    • Details: NDSM was established in 1983 to provide short-term, tangible emergency assistance for food, rent and utilities. Over time, assistance was enhanced with a menu of additional services including job counseling, English-as-a-second-language day and evening classes, school supplies, vision screening and eye glasses. The medical clinic opened in 2000. Initially treating adults and children for acute minor illnesses, the medical clinic rapidly expanded to include women’s health, hypertension, diabetes, dermatology and podiatry. In 2003, the medical clinic added emergency dental care for adults and in 2006 added an evening clinic managed by UT Southwestern medical students. When school uniforms became a DISD requirement in 2007, NDSM enhanced its school supply distribution program by also providing two school uniforms to each child. In keeping with our practice of meeting newly identified needs, we also initiated a free income tax assistance program in 2009. Since then, we have partnered with Foundation Communities to provide this service for low and moderate income individuals in the Dallas area. In 2013, collaborations with UT Southwestern and Texas A&M College of Dentistry provided additional staff and enabled us to expand services and increase the number of patients served. NDSM formalized its behavioral health efforts in 2016 by forging a relationship with the Center for Integrative Counseling and Psychology to provide full time mental health counseling to clients. Given the expansion of our programs over time, NDSM now provides a full array of services to our clients allowing for a holistic approach to their care. Reflective of this approach, in 2019, our medical clinic began serving clients 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. every weekday.
  • Mary P. Lucio Health Center

    • Location: Brownsville, TX - 78521
    • Contact Phone: (956) 574-8745
    • Details: Cameron County Public Health strives to promote the health and well-being of all of our Cameron County residents. The Clinical Services Program operates in four public health clinics across Cameron County in Brownsville, Harlingen, San Benito and Port Isabel.
  • Mch Family Health Clinic - Clements

    • Location: Odessa, TX - 79763
    • Contact Phone: (432) 640-4860
    • Details: The Family Health Clinic (FHC) is a community-based healthcare program that operates in partnership with Medical Center Health System to provide a wide range of healthcare services to uninsured and underinsured individuals in Odessa and the surrounding communities.
  • Communicare Health Centers - West Campus

    • Location: San Antonio, TX - 78207
    • Contact Phone: (210) 233-7000
    • Details: CommuniCare Health Centers is a full-service primary healthcare system with multiple locations serving Bexar, Kendall and Hays counties. We offer an array of services including Pediatrics, Family Medicine, Senior Care, Women’s Health, Dental, Behavioral Health, WIC services and Specialty Care. Each location offers a different combination of these services. We provide integrated primary care delivered by highly trained healthcare providers, utilizing state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and electronic health records. Our focus is to always provide exceptional care and treat our patients like family. Our promise to you is to always make you Get Well, Stay Well.
  • Parkway Community Health Center

    • Location: Lubbock, TX - 79403
    • Contact Phone: (806) 767-9744
    • Details: CHCL was formed as a safety net - the largest in the Lubbock community’s health care delivery system - in 1992 under the guidance of the Lubbock Indigent Healthcare Coalition. Sister Mary Kathleen Small led this coalition, which formed CHCL under the principal of a hand up rather than a hand out. CHCL has grown from one site in 1992, to now having eight clinics within the city of Lubbock and operating two mobile units that provide medical and dental services to the counties of Lubbock, Crosby, Lynn, Terry, and Garza. CHCL went from serving over 9,000 patients a year in 1992, to serving 26,114 patients in 2016. In 2016, CHCL served nearly 10% of the total Lubbock population, 70% of which were below 100% of the poverty level (e.g., $11,770 or less for one person, $24,250 or less for a family of four). CHCL’s mission is to provide quality primary and preventative health care services to those in need, regardless of a person’s race/ethnicity, religion, gender, age, national origin, disability, or hardship. CHCL was developed based on the community’s needs to fill gaps in service.
  • Planned Parenthood - Paris Health Center

    • Location: Paris, TX - 75460
    • Contact Phone: (903) 784-1301
    • Details: Planned Parenthood is one of the nation’s leading providers of high-quality, affordable health care, and the nation’s largest provider of sex education. With or without insurance, you can always come to us for your health care.

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